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When aluminum wiring was installed, in 1968, the devices (switches, receptacles and wire nuts) were not as compatible as thought.  Incompatibility of the equipment can create loose connections causing wires to heat and become damaged at the connections. Examples of electrical device issues may include flickering lights, receptacle outages, partial or full electrical outages within the unit, or breakers kicking off.  If any of the previous examples should occur in your unit a licensed/state certified electrician should be retained to make the necessary electrical repairs.

If you have not updated your devices Council suggests that you do so.  If you have updated the devices and experience electrical issues it may be due to overloading of electrical usage which can cause strain on the electrical wiring at the main breaker or the main breaker itself.

Again, a licensed/state certified electrician should be retained to complete all repairs, replacements, and updates and a Certificate of Insurance from the Electrician’s Insurance Company must be faxed to the Villa Belmont Office, at the fax number above, with the following wording “Coverage includes the Interest of Villa Belmont Condominiums as an Additional Insured with respects to the General Liability” added under the heading