Owners and Staff are proud of the quality life style created here.


OPEN HOUSE, ESTATE SALE, AND RUMMAGE SALE (or the like) is only permitted within the Rule and Regulation Guidelines.
1. Unit doors are not to be left open at any time.
2. Potential buyers are to be escorted by the Unit Owner or the Unit Owner’s representative whenever they are traveling through the Building.
3. Ensure that none of the Open House activities disturb the neighbors’ enjoyment of their home and don’t violate their right to quiet.
4. Placing or displaying signs of any character, plaques, posters, notices, window displays, or advertisements which can be seen from the exterior of the building is prohibited; as is placing or
displaying same anywhere within the VBCA Community is prohibited.
5. No Security or Fire Door is to be propped open or left open unattended at any time. Whenever the door is in use it must remain manned at all times.
6. Any loss or damages to the VBCA Property, Common Areas, or units incurred in connection with the Open House are expected to be rectified within seventy-two (72) hours.
7. Lock Boxes are only permitted to be placed in the Lock Box Cabinet located in the exterior brick wall outside of the VBCA Management Office entrance. Lock Boxes remaining in the cabinet thirty (30) days after the unit’s settlement date will be disposed of. If identification is placed on the Lock Box VBCA Staff will make an effort to contact that person prior to the disposal of the lock box.