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Prospective Owner Information

VBCA Management urges our prospective buyers to review all VBCA Documents, especially our Rules and Regulations, prior to Purchasing a Home in our Community.                                                                 These documents will help a prospective buyer understand what is expected of them and know what to expect from the VBCA Management.

Frequently Asked Questions:  All Information you seek can, most likely, be found within this Web Site.

Does Villa Belmont allow Pets?

Yes, we welcome Pets in our Community, but we strongly urge you to review the Villa Belmont Condominium Association Rules & Regulations.

What happens if there is a balance due from the previous owner?

If the balance due is not collected through the settlement process the new owner will be obligated to satisfy the debt.

Are there parking restrictions?

Yes, refer to the Vehicle Policy Section of the Villa Belmont Condominium Association Rules & Regulations.

Am I required to supply the Villa Belmont Condominium Association with information about myself?

Yes, every resident and homeowner must return a completed Villa Belmont registration form to the on-site VBCA Management Office.

How do I obtain a copy of the Villa Belmont Condominium Association Enabling Declaration?

Copies can be obtained at the on-site VBCA Management Office or they can be viewed and copied from our Web Site.

Will VBCA Management supply me with Building Security Keys?

Villa Belmont does not supply keys to new Owners; keys transfer from Owner to Owner.  Extra or Replacement Security Keys may be purchased by Owners at the Office for $115.00 each. Security Keys are not returnable for refunds.

Is there stipulations placed upon owners who wish to rent their unit?

Yes, Article 23 stipulates that no more than eighty-two (82) rental units will be permitted at the same time. Present owners, as of July 30, 2007, and first time buyers are exempt, however they are obligated to all other stipulations of Article 23. All sellers must inform their buyers that stipulations exist.

Are there other forms I may require from the Association?

Not that we are aware of, but be certain to request a Resale Certification from the Seller of the unit.  The seller is obligated to supply this packet to the buyer of the unit and must submit a request to the office for completion. Completion of this packet could take up to 10 days to complete.

Does my Condominium Fee include Unit Maintenance?

No, but the Association does allow for our staff to complete minor repairs for a nominal fee.

Does the Master Policy insure my unit?

No, owners are encouraged to maintain a (HO6) policy.

Do I contact the office if I am interested in buying a unit?

No, the purpose of the VBCA Management Staff is to help the Association maintain the property and community.  They are not realtors nor do they represent individual owners. We suggest you contact a realtor to assist you with the process of purchasing a unit

When is the Office Staff available?

Office hours are 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday – Friday.  However, there may be times when the office personnel will have a need to close the office during regular business hours.

For additional helpful information we suggest that you review the New Owner Information Packet.