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Unit Work Order Request

In accordance with the Enabling Declaration, Article 13, The Unit Maintenance and Repair is the responsibility of the Unit Owner. The Unit Owner has the option of completing a Unit repair themselves, hiring a contractor to complete a Unit repair, or contacting the Villa Belmont office to inquire as to if the Staff is available to complete the Unit repair.

The Staff’s primary duty is to maintain the Common Areas of the Community and must prioritize property emergencies and needs; however, when time allows, during the regularly scheduled work week, our Maintenance Staff can provide the following services at the rate of $50.00 per hour with a half-hour minimum charge. Staff service rates for hours other than the regularly scheduled work week are $100.00 per hour with an hour minimum charge. 

  • Electrical Standard/general safety/no upgrades
  • HVAC         Filter replacement
  • Plumbing    Standard/general
  • Replacement of Mailbox locks

  • We do not guarantee our Staff availability for Unit Emergencies, but if Staff is available they will respond to an Emergency without awaiting the Unit Owner’s approval to do so. Management will make every effort to contact the Unit Owner prior to entering, but will not delay entering if contact with the Unit Owner is not made; Service charges will be applied to the Unit account accordingly. Service charges will be applied to the Unit account accordingly for troubleshooting, inspecting, and/or assessing a neighboring unit or common area in the event of damages caused by a fault of a Unit Owner, tenant, resident, guest or Unit, whether the Unit Owner is/was aware of the fault or not and whether Staff awaited the Unit Owner’s approval to do so.  Service charges will be applied to the Unit account accordingly if a Unit Owner or a Unit Owner’s contractor seeks the assistance of the Maintenance Staff for the purpose of gaining knowledge and/or skill of mechanics diagnosis, repair technique, and/or support whether in person, via telephone, or written communications. Because water can cause extensive damage it is imperative that plumbing repairs be completed within (24) hours.  Management, on behalf of the Association, will exercise its right to enter your home after (24) hours of discovering that the home is in obvious need of plumbing repairs.   If a contractor is needed the Unit Owner will be assessed the contractors full charge in addition to the Staff Service charges, whether the repairs were requested or not.
  • The above rates are for LABOR ONLY; MATERIAL COST will be an additional charge.
  • Payment is expected within 30 days; with an 18% finance charge being applied on the 31st day, for unpaid balance.
  • In order to avoid billing disputes the Staff will only accept a Unit Work Order Request from the Unit Owner.  Tenants must contact their Landlord with maintenance needs.
  • All Unit Repair Request must be submitted to the office for assignment.
  • Staff is not available for Owner’s, Tenant’s, Resident’s, or Guest’s personal request, i.e., resident “welfare check”, Unit housekeeping, vehicle repairs, care giving, house sitting, delivery service, etc…
  • A Unit Repair Request that requires excessive staff time will be declined.
  • A Unit Repair Request from Unit Owners who are delinquent in payment of Condominium Fees, assessments, or other charges will be refused.
  • In the event of kitchen sink back-up/over-flow, please contact the Villa Belmont Maintenance Staff Immediately.
  • Our Staff does not perform Heating or Air Conditioning Maintenance.
  • LOCKOUTS, you may sign out your keys from the Office during the regularly scheduled work week, but keys and Staff assistance WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE for hours other than the regularly scheduled work week, No Exceptions Under any Circumstance.
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