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Category: Association Fees

Mailbox Keys

Each Unit is assigned a mailbox in the main lobby area of it’s building.

VBCA Management does not hold a copy of your mailbox key. If you have misplaced or lost your mailbox keys, you may place a work order with the VBCA Management to have a new lock installed.
The cost is $25.00 and includes two (2) keys.

Place Mailbox Request@Villabelmontca@aol.com
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Security Key

An Extra or Replacement Security Key may be purchased, by an Owner, at the Office for $115.00 each.

Security Keys are not returnable for refunds.

Unit Work Order Request

In accordance with the Enabling Declaration, Article 13, The Unit Maintenance and Repair is the responsibility of the Unit Owner. The Unit Owner has the option of completing a Unit repair themselves, hiring a contractor to complete a Unit repair, or contacting the Villa Belmont office to inquire as to if the Staff is available to complete the Unit repair.

The Staff’s primary duty is to maintain the Common Areas of the Community and must prioritize property emergencies and needs; however, when time allows, during the regularly scheduled work week, our Maintenance Staff can provide the following services at the rate of $50.00 per hour with a half-hour minimum charge. Staff service rates for hours other than the regularly scheduled work week are $100.00 per hour with an hour minimum charge. 

  • Electrical Standard/general safety/no upgrades
  • HVAC         Filter replacement
  • Plumbing    Standard/general
  • Replacement of Mailbox locks

  • We do not guarantee our Staff availability for Unit Emergencies, but if Staff is available they will respond to an Emergency without awaiting the Unit Owner’s approval to do so. Management will make every effort to contact the Unit Owner prior to entering, but will not delay entering if contact with the Unit Owner is not made; Service charges will be applied to the Unit account accordingly. Service charges will be applied to the Unit account accordingly for troubleshooting, inspecting, and/or assessing a neighboring unit or common area in the event of damages caused by a fault of a Unit Owner, tenant, resident, guest or Unit, whether the Unit Owner is/was aware of the fault or not and whether Staff awaited the Unit Owner’s approval to do so.  Service charges will be applied to the Unit account accordingly if a Unit Owner or a Unit Owner’s contractor seeks the assistance of the Maintenance Staff for the purpose of gaining knowledge and/or skill of mechanics diagnosis, repair technique, and/or support whether in person, via telephone, or written communications. Because water can cause extensive damage it is imperative that plumbing repairs be completed within (24) hours.  Management, on behalf of the Association, will exercise its right to enter your home after (24) hours of discovering that the home is in obvious need of plumbing repairs.   If a contractor is needed the Unit Owner will be assessed the contractors full charge in addition to the Staff Service charges, whether the repairs were requested or not.
  • The above rates are for LABOR ONLY; MATERIAL COST will be an additional charge.
  • Payment is expected within 30 days; with an 18% finance charge being applied on the 31st day, for unpaid balance.
  • In order to avoid billing disputes the Staff will only accept a Unit Work Order Request from the Unit Owner.  Tenants must contact their Landlord with maintenance needs.
  • All Unit Repair Request must be submitted to the office for assignment.
  • Staff is not available for Owner’s, Tenant’s, Resident’s, or Guest’s personal request, i.e., resident “welfare check”, Unit housekeeping, vehicle repairs, care giving, house sitting, delivery service, etc…
  • A Unit Repair Request that requires excessive staff time will be declined.
  • A Unit Repair Request from Unit Owners who are delinquent in payment of Condominium Fees, assessments, or other charges will be refused.
  • In the event of kitchen sink back-up/over-flow, please contact the Villa Belmont Maintenance Staff Immediately.
  • Our Staff does not perform Heating or Air Conditioning Maintenance.
  • LOCKOUTS, you may sign out your keys from the Office during the regularly scheduled work week, but keys and Staff assistance WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE for hours other than the regularly scheduled work week, No Exceptions Under any Circumstance.
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Work Details

Please be clear as to what the problem is. Example: Kitchen sink is leaking into the cabinet. Not - Sink is leaking.

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Pool Information

The Pool Area is for the exclusive use of Unit Owners and their Guest.

2017 Daily Pool Hours of Operation are 1:00 pm to 7:00 pm and the Dates of Operation are:

May 27 – 29     June 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, 16, 17, 18, 23 – 30     July 1 – September 4

Obtaining Pool PassesOnly Owners and Owner’s “Resident Guest” will be issued a Pool Photo ID.

Patrons ages 3 and under do not require an individual pool pass.

A charge of $15.00 will be imposed for Owner and/or Owner’s “Resident Guest” Pool Photo ID.
Owner Pool Photo ID Pass may be utilized for the duration of their ownership.
Owner’s “Resident Guest” Pool Photo ID Pass may be utilized for the duration of the Guest’s residency.

Owners and Owner’s “Resident Guest” may obtain “Daily Guest” wrist bands at the cost of $3.00 each.
“Daily Guest” wrist bands may be utilized season to season.

Pool Photo ID Pass holder must present their Pool Photo ID every time they enter the pool area.

“Daily Guest” must present a wrist band for each daily visit and must be accompanied by their Host/Hostess – At All Times.
The Lifeguard must witness the placement of the wrist band on your wrist each daily visit, Please DO NOT place wrist band on until after you sign in with the Lifeguard.

All Pool charges will be imposed to the unit associated with the Patron.
The Unit Owner is responsible for all Guests associated with the Unit Owner’s unit.
The Unit Owner will be held accountable for all the actions of all Guests associated with the Unit Owner’s unit.

All patrons must adhere to the Pool Rules.

All Pool Passes may only be obtained at the VBCA Management Office.  No Pool Passes are available at the Pool.
The VBCA Management Office Staff is available Monday – Friday 10:15 am to 3:45 pm., Except Holidays.

If you are not able to visit the VBCA Management Office to obtain Pool Passes you may:
1) Submit your written request via Fax to 302-368-7265, The Management Office Drop Box, or Email Vbcacommunications@comcast.net.
2) Submit payment for the requested passes in a sealed envelope via the Management Office Drop Box (located on office door).
Once we receive payment, and if staff time allows, we will slide the passes under your door or place them on “will call” at the pool.
3) If you should have issue with the above options, contact the VBCA Management Office to discuss other options.

Admittance to the pool will be denied if:
1) unit is on the delinquency list or member is marked as banned.
2) pool Photo ID unit # or name does not match the resident’s list.
3) have a Guest Pass, but do not have a valid Photo ID and are not being accompanied by a member with a valid Photo ID.
4) would be a sixth or more guests for the unit # (maximum of five guests per unit per visit).


Condominium Fee Inclusions

  1. Common Area Insurance:  Owners should obtain insurance for their personal items contained within their Condominium home, it is further suggested that Owners obtain what is known as an “H06 Policy”.

  2. Common Area Maintenance: Includes Interior and Exterior building maintenance, Elevator Repairs/Inspections, Security Doors and Intercom repairs, Fire Safety Inspections/supplies/equipment repairs, Plumbing, Landscaping, Snow Removal, Rubbish Removal and Recycling, Pool Inspections/operation/equipment repairs, and other Contracted Services.

  3. Common Area Utilities:  Gas, electric, intercom & pool telephone.  Usage of Water/Sewage for Common Area and Units.

  4. Basic Extended Cable is provided by Comcast.  If you should choose to upgrade they will bill you directly for the upgrade only.
    Verizon has equipped each unit with FIOS. If you should choose to utilize their services they will bill you directly for all services chosen.

  5. On-Site Staff:  Responsible for maintaining the physical efficiency of the Community.

The Condominium Fees DO NOT provide for:  Assisted Living (i.e., individual housekeeping, transportation, vehicle repairs, or battery jumping), care giving, medical service, house/babysitting services, delivery service of any kind, or message center. If you engage any member of the Villa Belmont Staff to perform any of these duties for you, understand that those duties are to be performed ONLY during off-duty hours and the Villa Belmont Condominium Association is NOT responsible for the staff member’s performance.