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  • The Villa Belmont Office must be notified, in advance, of the date you will be moving in/out.

  • Moving is only permitted between the hours of 8:00 am and 8:00 pm.

  • No moving vans/ trucks or other vehicles are permitted on any lawn or sidewalk area.

  • Moving vans/trucks are not permitted to be parked on the premises overnight and will be towed at the owners’ expense.

  • Security doors must be manned at all times if it is to be held open to expedite the move.

  • If you should cause any damage to the Common areas during your move you will be expected to pay for the repairs.

  • The Villa Belmont Staff is not permitted to assist you in moving your items.

  • No holding of the elevator is permitted.

  • There are no exceptions to the Rules & Regulations.

Landlord Tenant Checklist

PRU Form:  Permission to rent must be granted to the Landlord.  In order to receive permission to rent the Landlord must complete and submit this form to the office for approval each and every time there is a change in tenancy.

Landlord must review the Rules and Regulations and Policies and Procedures with the Tenant and have the Acknowledgement of Receipt signed by all.

A Signed Copy of the Lease and a Signed Mandatory Lease Provision must be signed by all.

Resident Registration Form is to be completed by the Tenant with help from the Landlord.  Please make certain that they understand the vehicle registration process and that they are prepared to provide the office with all requested information. Copy of valid Driver’s license will be required of each Lease Holder, if Lease Holder does not hold a Driver’s license, then a Legal ID will be required. If Lease Holder will be registering a vehicle (one (1) vehicle per licensed driver and no more than two (2) vehicles per unit) Copy of Vehicle Registration will be required.

All of the above paperwork must be submitted to the Office in order to Register the Tenant.

Pool Passes:  Please inform your Tenant that Pool Photo ID’s and Guest passes can be purchased at the office and that they must provide a photo ID.

Landlord Information

All Landlords must complete a “Permitted Rental Unit Request Form” prior to signing a lease with each new tenant (Available Online). Landlords must make certain that the lease they choose for their Tenant(s) conforms with, and makes specific reference to, the legal documents of the Association. Refer to Article 23 and the Rules and Regulations for requirements. Three (3) copies of the Mandatory Lease provision (Available Online) must be signed at the time of the lease and one of those signed copies must be supplied to the office. An Attorney may be able to assist you in preparing the lease.

Remember, only the Owner is a member of the Association; you are responsible for abiding by all provisions and restrictions imposed by the Association’s legal documents, whether you reside in your unit or not.  The Villa Belmont Condominium Association has no legal relationship to the Tenant(s).  The Owner, as the Landlord, is legally responsible for the actions of their Tenant(s).

In order to inform the Tenant(s) of what is expected of them as a resident of Our Community the Landlord must supply them with the following documents:

  • Information Briefs on Pet/Vehicle/Moving in/out Policies

  • Information Briefs on Patio/Dumpster/Laundry/Storage Policies

  • Intercom/Fire Procedures

  • Resident Registration (All Owners, Occupants, and Tenants are required to complete a Villa Belmont Condominium Association Registration Form).

  • Pet Registration

  • Deliver a signed Landlord/Tenant Acknowledgement of Receipt Form to the office (See forms below)

  • Villa Belmont Condominium Association Rules and Regulations

The following is a list of must dos for Landlords:

  • Give their Tenant(s) instructions on the proper use of the facilities.

  • Inform their Tenant(s) that their neighbor’s rights to privacy and peace of mind are to be respected at all times.

  • Stress upon their Tenant(s) that living in a Condominium Community is very different from living in a Rental Apartment Community and that their responsibilities are the same as the Owners; they are obligated to adhere to the Villa Belmont Condominium Association Rules and Regulations.

  • You must review this information before a lease is signed.

In the event the Tenant’s behavior becomes a problem, the Management, on behalf of the association will issue violation letters to the Tenant(s) and the Landlord. The Landlord is expected to intervene on behalf of the Association to have the Tenant(s) immediately cease any improper/inappropriate behavior.  If the problems persist the Landlord is expected to remove the Tenant(s) from Our Community.  If the Landlord fails to act the issue will be referred to Council and/or the Association’s Attorney will initiate court proceedings.   Attorney fees, court cost and collection fees will be charged to the owner’s account as well as any fines assessed.