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News & Events

Main Water Pipe Repair
The Main Water Pipe repair is completed.
All Communities experience emergencies that cause major inconveniences for its residents. Thank you to the residents for their support and understanding through this emergency.
Mike is now handling Common Area water issues that are side effects of the water being shut down.
Units with faucet aerator clogs or commode valve clogs are to be addressed by the owner of the unit, please do not call these issues into Maintenance.
Units with no hot water are to be reported to Maintenance.
No machines are to be utilized between the hours of 11:00 pm and 7:00 am.
Clothes Must be Removed immediately upon completion of Washing and Drying.
A copy of the Snow Procedures have been delivered to all residents. Please follow them carefully for your safety and that of your neighbors.
For Buildings #60, #64 & #68 may be purchased at Lowe's on Ogletown Road. The blank needed is an Axxess+#107. This blank should work for the additional Buildings as well, but only the three buildings listed have been tested. You may be able to find this blank elsewhere, but only this Lowe's had them in stock at the time of this posting.
Community Events
Soup Sale – March 21 – Soup varieties have not yet been selected. Watch the Bulletin Boards for March Soup Choices.
Come have a bowl for $2.00 or take home a pint for $3.00 or a quart for $5.00. Drinks and dessert will be available for purchase.
Events Committee will fund the Bench Replacement Project with proceeds from the sale.
View the February/March Vibes for further information.
Advanced Sales will be taken by Sonia at 345-0928.